Clean Sweep - Education

Fire Education and Safety

Our Duty to Our Customers

We feel your safety is our number one priority when we come to inspect and clean your fireplace, stove, gas/oil flue, and chimney. If you have called us out to take a look at your fireplace or stove before the cleaning even begins a quick inspection is performed and then we sit down and talk about the aspects of your individual system.  Every stove and fireplace is a little different in one aspect or another and we give you the knowledge to have the most efficient, safest, and cleanest fire in your home.

The information that we bring to our customers has been generated in studies performed at various institutions--Penn State, for example. Our job then is to pass this information down to you, the consumer, so you can rest easy knowing that having a fire in your home can indeed be safe and easy.

Our multi-point inspection sheet covers all aspects of your appliance, chimney, and home and at the end of our visit we sit down and go over each item that is either satisfactory or unsatisfactory based upon what we witness and what current codes specify.

Our hopes of course are that you take our information to heart and pass it along to friends and family spreading the tips and tricks we provide.  Along with the verbal education we provide comes a hard copy in the form of a fireplace or stove booklet. We realize there is a lot of technical information and it may be hard to remember but the booklet is there as your reference guide to make things all that easier.

Safety: Our Greatest Concern

Home Safety & Emergency Education

Of course we hope that the worst case scenario never happens but we educate all our customers on what to do in the event of a chimney fire or in the event of a carbon monoxide scare.

We explain where to have your fire extinguishers, where and what type of carbon monoxide meter/alarm to have, and finally we check to make sure you have smoke detectors and a fire escape plan. All of these items are extremely important to have placed and planned out appropriately in your home.

We are firm believers in the statement that knowledge is power and with it you can avoid disaster.  Remember you are creating a fire in your home--controlling it is no matter to take lightly.

Fireplace & Stove Education

Some of the aspects we cover include burning at the right temperatures and duration, wood quality, the dynamics of airflow in your system, and reducing the amount of creosote build up in your system thus keeping it clean and healthy.

We also cover common issues with fireplaces/stoves such as drafting issues, back drafts & smoking, trouble starting the fire or keeping it going, and creosote build up removal.

Lastly, based on your specific needs we will recommend repairs if needed first, and then other optional products to enhance your burning experience such as fireplace grates, top mount dampers, chimney caps, waterproofing, thermometers and more.  We make sure that you have the tools needed to have a safe and efficient fire.

Fireplace Flame Pattern (click image to enlarge)

Gas & Oil Education

It is extremely important to understand the aspects of carbon monoxide generating appliances in your home be it from wood, gas, or oil.  For customers who are having us inspect their gas or oil system we look for cracks, deterioration, gaps in the system, blockages, correct furnace piping issues, and we check for proper placement of carbon monoxide meters.

A common mistake we see being made by home owners is carbon monoxide alarm/meter placement.  For each home there is a very specific placement based on where you sleep, where your furnace is, and the condition of the flue.  We go over all this information the day of the inspection/cleaning.

Even if your furnace is in tip top shape and/or brand new often times the flue itself is overlooked and this of course is where we come in to the equation to examine and test the flue integrity.

We have found that on average tile-lined oil flues will last 40-60 years before they become unsafe.  If your home falls in this range, you are not alone--but rest assured that we have a solution for your flue if one is needed.

Educational Downloads

At Clean Sweep we want to make sure our customers have the most knowledge possible when operating their systems.  For years we were offering free fireplace and stove booklets to our customers but unfortunately they have now been discontinued and are out of print.  We have provided these below to our customers to download for personal education purposes only along with the upside-down fire article that we hand out to customers.  Please enjoy these downloads and keep your eyes peeled on our website for future downloads.