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Oil Reline Specifics

As mentioned elsewhere our concern when dealing with oil flues is any system over 40+ years old.  As many homes are 40-60 years old in the Lehigh Valley it is very important to have your oil flue looked at.

Most homes were never built with caps and this allows for additional moisture to make its way down the oil flue.  This mixing in with the natural condensation of oil and the corrosive exhaust gases starts to eat away the tile and create flakes.  Nickel to dime size flakes (which look like potato chips) are considered unsafe by code if they are found after a brushing.

The reason for this is that flakes lead to cracks and cracks lead to large chunks that can fall out and block your flue causing carbon monoxide sickness or possibly death.

Thankfully stainless steel relines are the solution to a deteriorating tile and most oil flue relines can be performed quickly and can be relatively inexpensive.

In general, 95% of oil relines fall in the $2,600-3,600 range for a rancher home to a 2 and 1/2 story.  Prices can be lower and higher due to a number of variables such as need for additional men, need for scaffolding or additional ladders due to difficult access, demolition fees, need for an Enerved Exhausto fan, etc.  For an exact estimate please contact us and we will determine exactly what you need with a once and done installation.

We are willing to work with you to find the best solution for your current and future needs while meeting code at the most reasonable price point we can offer you.

Liner Installation Time-Frame

On average from deposit to completion our liners are installed in approximately 1 1/2 - 2 weeks.  This of course has to do with the time of the year, the weather, part availability, and your and our schedules.

Oil flue relines generally take between 3 1/2 hours to 1 day to install.  Usually we will allot an entire day for 1 reline minimum regardless of how quick we think it will go.  We try our best to get jobs completed as quickly as possible in a clean, efficient, and professional manner.  You won't find us taking many breaks while we're on the job!

Why Install A SS liner?

Homes that are built with a brick and mortar or what are called masonry chimneys have terra cotta lining which is meant to control exhaust gases from your furnace, water heater, stove, or fireplace.

When this becomes damaged from either moisture, usage, age, a chimney fire, or improper construction a stainless steel liner is inserted and connected directly to your heating device.

Homes in the ~100 year range often do not have a terra cotta liner at all!  These are not up to code and are extremely dangerous.  Bricks can fall out and create blockages or land in a fireplace and cause an explosion and in the event of a chimney fire will *not* contain the chimney fire.

Our general rule of thumb is that any home over 40+ years should be inspected for possible relining.  On average we have found that 95% of the homes we visit with a terra cotta lined oil flue in the 40-60 year range will need relining due to cracks, flaking, and/or missing tile pieces.

Benefits Of Our Liners

There are numerous benefits to a stainless steel liner.  First and foremost is your safety and that of your family as the hazardous exhaust gases will now be properly contained inside the new stainless steel liner.

Our liners are made in the USA right here in Pennsylvania and come with a lifetime transferable warranty.  Our standard offering is a circular .01" thick 316L smooth stasinless steel liner which can support the weight of a 230lb person standing on it.  We feel that the 316L Hybrid liner is the highest quality liner on the market currently and since the release of it we have offered nothing else to our customers due to its superior design.

Another small benefit is that although the inserted liner is technically smaller than your old liner 98% of the time the terracotta lining is square or rectangular with rounded corners.  By moving to a circular system your flue will draft more efficiently as exhaust gases naturally want to spiral.

Schedule A Free Estimate

To schedule a free estimate from us for a stainless steel reline please visit our contact page and we will respond as soon as possible to set up a date with you. We also offer a fully documented visit stating the health of your system via a $99 Level 1 Inspection. This inspection also includes a liner estimate.