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Cleaning Details

Each year clogged dryer vents cause thousands of preventable fires as covered in the news.  This problem though is very preventable by having your dryer vent regularly inspected and/or cleaned.

The process regularly takes anywhere from 30 minutes for simpler runs to 1 hour on more complex runs and allows for a proper flow once cleaned.

During our cleaning we also will suggest or perform any needed repairs to your dryer vent exhaust run.  Often the flaps break on the outside from UV rays or the heat tape falls apart or screws might be missing.  Whatever the case may be, we often repair these free of additional charge and if we can't offer that we'll give you an estimate for repair.

Our pricing runs anywhere from $109+tax to $189+tax for the trickiest of dryer vent runs, usually falling in the middle.

Schedule a Cleaning

If you are having any thoughts your dryer vent is due for a cleaning, or perhaps you've never done it, then please get in touch with us on our contact page.

Vent Hose Failure

We have also found that very often the corrugated tubes are the first area to burn through.  The picture shown above is an example of a fire hazard situation.  You can see the scorching on the wall from the hose blow-by.  Thankfully in this case we were able to catch it in time and recommend a repair to the customer before the situation worsened.