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RotoBrush Cleaning Power

After experimenting with a few different types of duct cleaning technologies we felt that the RotoBrush performed the most thorough cleaning of ducts.  The reason for this is that not only does it vacuum the dust in your vents but also kicks it up with a brush at the end of a long hose.  With both clockwise and counter-clockwise motion we are able to clean both the left and right corners of ducts ensuring a thorough job.

The only limitations we have found to the system is the caked on dirt from liquids in the duct or if clumps get jammed in the construction of the duct but the difference overall is night and day as seen in the pictures to the right.

The Cleaning Process

Cleaning vents takes us around 1-2 hours per level depending on the types of vents, the access to them, and vent design.  During the cleaning we take digital pictures to ensure we have cleaned as much as possible from the vents and we will review the before and after results once the cleaning is finished.

Cleaning Rates & Scheduling

Our base rate of $399+tax covers up to 12 duct vents with additional vents cleaned @ $14.99/per vent.  When we arrive we will give an accurate count of the vents, remove the panels and check sizes, and then get to work one level at a time.

To schedule or if you have any questions please feel free to send us a message on our contact page.

The Ultimate Air Quality

As an add-on to your duct cleaning service be sure to ask about our DuctWorx duct air purifier and/or our portable air purifiers from Vollara--the best on the market!

Before & After Cleaning

Rags, Dust & Debris Removed - (click image to enlarge)

Golf Balls & Debris Removed - (click image to enlarge)

Rag, Spiderwebs, & Dirt Removed - (click image to enlarge)